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The EcoSticker is mandatory in Denmark for Lorries and Busses!

The EcoSticker is mandatory to drive into the environmental zones in Denmark! - Financial penalties up to 2,700 EUROS

The EcoSticker has been introduced in Denmark since 1.11.2011!

Danisch green EcoSticker for EURO 4 Lorries and Busses

The EcoSticker is mandatory in Denmark for Lorries and Busses
The EcoSticker had been already introduced in Denmark in 2009 and is also mandatory for foreign diesel Lorries and busses since the 1st of November 2011.
Lorries and busses with a total weight of 3, 5 tons need a green environmental EcoSticker in order to drive through the four environmental zones in Denmark.

The EcoSticker is only delivered to the vehicles that correspond to the norm EURO 4, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the vehicles of the norm EURO 1 to 3 and to distinguish them from the more recent and environment-friendly vehicles. The main goal of the measure is to achieve a progressive amelioration of the air quality which could have immediate repercussions, especially through the reduction of fine particles emissions.

The four environmental zones are located in the larger cities of Denmark. Those are Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense. Those four cities have introduced a “Miljozone” (environmental zone) in their city centre, which is delimited with special traffic signs.
Injuries against the EcoSticker rule can be punished with a fine up to 2,700 Euro and even lead to a penalty of imprisonment.

The EcoSticker in Denmark
The EcoSticker is mandatory in the Danish environmental zones since 1st November 2011 for Lorries and busses. You will find here a recap of the vehicles which can obtain an EcoSticker regarding to their exhaust emissions Norm EURO as well as necessary information about the environmental zones ...
If a vehicle doesn’t fulfil the requirements of the norm EURO 4, it cannot obtain the EcoSticker and therefore cannot drive into the Danish environmental zones. However, in order to receive an exceptional authorization in the form of a red EcoSticker, some formalities are required ...
Environmental Zones in Denmark
The Danish environmental zones are effective for European Lorries and busses since 1st of November 2011. Environmental zones have been introduced in the four larger cities of the country by an air protection law dated 14th of December 2006 and by a regulation dated 24th of June 2011 ...
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The mere purchase of an environmental badge or vignette in Europe, in itself, is often not enough. In many cases, what matters is the knowledge about which class of which badge or vignette can drive, currently, through which type of environmental zone. More about the real-time information services of Green-Zones here ...

The Danish Environmental Zones « Miljøzonen »

You can find the interactive and zoomable form of this environmental zone map in our free Green-Zones App

A pure air for the inhabitants in the large cities of Denmark: this is the main goal for the introduction of environmental zones (Miljøzonen) in the four largest cities in the country.
Thanks to the EcoSticker, emissions of fine particulates have been tremendously reduced. Emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and from other pollutants have been unfortunately less reduced but they will have to be more and more taken into account by the environmental authorities in the future.

Lorries and Busses and particularly those responding to the standard EURO 3, which are the most polluting, must be equipped with a particulate filter in order to emit less fine particulates or they will be banished from the traffic in the Danish environmental zones. The diesel Lorries and busses EURO 1 and EURO 2 are permanently excluded from the environmental zones.

For this purpose, the Danish government modified in 2006 the “environmental law” to allow the municipalities of Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense to set up environmental zones and to decide on their shape and contours.
The most polluting vehicles driving in the environmental zones, which are Lorries and busses, need a green EcoSticker ; the vehicles responding to the standard EURO 3 have to be equipped with a particulate filter in any case. If those requirements are not fulfilled, an exceptional authorisation in the form of a red Ecosticker can be possibly obtained.

On 1st November 2011 (3 years after the introduction of the EcoSticker for Danish Lorries and busses), the obligation of bearing the EcoSticker has been extended to foreign Lorries and busses, which are allowed to drive in the environmental zones if they bear an EcoSticker.

Thanks to the introduction of environmental zones in the largest cities of Denmark, the emissions of air pollutants have been tremendously reduced since 2009 in a short and long perspective, the development of energy efficient vehicles has been promoted and the oldest vehicles have been step by step banned from the traffic. 

The introduction of the environmental zones and the EcoSticker in Denmark raises many questions for tourists and professional drivers. You will find the most important questions and their answers in our FAQ ...
Nitrogen Oxides and fine dust, particularly from diesel vehicles, are the reason why Denmark introduced environmental zones and the EcoSticker. People who want to know how and where nitrogen oxide and fine dust have an effect on health and harm humans in whichever way can get detailed information here ...
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You will find here an overview of the different badge types that are issued by national authorities regarding fine dust, Nitrogen oxides, CO2, Electro mobility and additional environmental matters. You can obtain here the required badges for each country in Europe ...
You will find here an overview of the different badge types that are issued by national authorities regarding fine dust, Nitrogen oxides, CO2, Electro mobility and additional environmental matters. You can obtain here the required badges for each country in Europe ...