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EcoSticker.dk Background information Success of the Environmental Zones

Positive Effects of the Danish Environmental Zones

From the introduction of the first environmental zone in Copenhagen/Frederiksberg, positive effects in the reduction of air pollutants have been recorded.
Through the introduction of the zone, the government was hoping for an annual reduction of:

•    150 early deaths less
•    150 hospital registration less for cardiovascular diseases or respiratory diseases
•    750 cases of bronchitis less
•    8,000 asthma cases less
•    90,000 days of sick leaves less due to respiratory system diseases

The Mayor Klaus Bondam whished by the launch of the environmental zone of Copenhagen on 1st September 2008 for the all territory of Denmark to become a big environmental zone.

At the time of the first mid-term review in July 2010 we could see that the environmental zone allowed to reduce the presence of fine particulates by 26% and to reduce the presence of nitrogen oxide by 9%, especially thanks to the introduction of the European standards EURO 3 and EURO 4.

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