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EcoSticker.dk FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions about the Environmental Zones

You will find below the frequent asked questions and their answers about the environmental zones in Denmark and about ordering an EcoSticker.

How much does the EcoSticker cost?
The EcoSticker costs 39, 75 euros net, national fees, shipping costs and postage charges included

How long are the processing time and the delivery time?
The delivery takes place generally within a time frame between 5 and 10 days. Green-Zones, as provider, is legally depending on the supply of the Danish environmental office and therefore, the delivery time can unfortunately be extended in extreme cases.

Where is my EcoSticker?
As soon as the vignette has been sent, you will receive an email. The German post needs generally 1 to 2 days within Germany and 3 to 7 days within Europe. 

What penalties am I risking without EcoSticker?
If you drive without EcoSticker-vignette in an environmental zone, you will be charged of a penalty up to 20.000 DKK (around 2.700 € / 2.300 £). This concerns the driver as well as the company owing the Lorry or the bus. Furthermore, the vehicle can be confiscated until the penalty is paid. If you deliberately did not buy the EcoSticker in order to generate for yourself an economic advantage, you can be charged to 2 years of imprisonment.

Where do I have to stick the EcoSticker and how long is it valid?
The EcoSticker shall be stuck from the inside, in the lower left of the windscreen. As long as the registration plate of the vehicle remains unmodified, the EcoSticker remains valid for the life time of the vehicle.

Are there general exceptions?
Vehicles registered as Old-timers, as well as vehicles from the army, the police and the emergency services are exempted from the obligation of bearing an EcoSticker.

Where can I apply for a red EcoSticker for an individual exception?
An individual exceptional authorization to drive in the environmental zone can be applied by the Danish environmental services.
The address is: Miljøstyrelsen, Miljøteknologi, Strandgade 29, DK-1401 Kopenhagen K, Fax: +45 3332 2228, E-Mail: mst@mst.dk, Web:  www.mst.dk

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