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Information About the Danish EcoSticker

The EcoSticker has been introduced in Denmark on 1st of November 2011. It is mandatory for diesel Lorries and busses with a total weight of 3, 5 tons and more. The Danish environmental EcoSticker is recognizable by its green colour and is assigned for only one vehicle: the sticker bears the nationality and the registration plate of the vehicle. The EcoSticker, bearing the mention “Low Emission Zone” is not transferable and is not valid for several vehicles. Each vehicle must bear its own EcoSticker. It is indefinitely valid as long as the vehicle’s registration’s number doesn’t get modified.

A vehicle can obtain an EcoSticker if it fulfil the requirements of the emissions norm EURO 4 or of the norm EURO 3 if it can be proven that the vehicle has been equipped with a retrofitted particulate filter. It will be then considered as a EURO 4 vehicle and it will be able to get an EcoSticker.
Vehicles which cannot obtain an EcoSticker have the possibility to apply to an exceptional authorization and receive a red EcoSticker.
Light utility vehicles, cars and all other petrol vehicles don’t need an EcoSticker and are free to drive within the Danish environmental zones.
Concerned vehicles not bearing the EcoSticker in case of a control can be punished with large fines and can also risk imprisonment penalties.

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