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Exceptions Rules

General exceptions
Old-timer vehicles, and vehicles of the military, the police and the emergency services are exempt from the obligation of bearing an EcoSticker.

Individual excpetions

The granting of an EcoSticker for Lorries und busses willing to drive into the environmental zones in Denmark depends on the conformity of the vehicles with the requirements of the standard EURO 4. If the vehicle doesn’t respond to those requirements, and if it is not equipped with a particulate filter or if this filter does not enable it to reach the standard EURO 4, then an exceptional authorization can be applied. This authorization is generally limited in time and takes the form of a red EcoSticker.
Exceptional authorizations can also be applied for vehicles responding to the standards EURO 1 and EURO 2. The decision of according this authorization falls in any case to the competent environmental authorities.

For the granting of an exceptional authorization, the Danish environmental authorities need the following information:

  • Reason of the request
  • Data of the vehicle, included the current European standard
  • European standards of the other vehicles of the fleet of the applicant
  • Economic proofs justifying why the vehicle could not be equipped with a particulate filter including the company’s annual reports of the 5 last years

The information referred above can be given in Danish, English, German or French.

The exceptional authorization is valid for a delimited period of time or for one or several environmental zone-s or for one specific journey and for one or several vehicles of the applicant.

If an exceptional authorization has been granted, the vehicle concerned gets a red EcoSticker. This red badge proves that the vehicle is allowed to drive within the Danish environmental zones for a delimited period of time.