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Requirements in Terms of Particulate Filter for the Danish Environmental Zones

A particulate filter reduces by 80% the emissions of air pollutants by large vehicles. The majority of all sized particulates is captured by the filter. Generally, the finest particulates, known for beeing very dangerous for human health, are also captured by the filter.
To ensure a proper and formal functionality of the particulate filter, following requirements need to be fulfilled: 

  • The back-pressure of the filter shall not exceed 20 kPa by the engine’s maximum capacity
  • The particulate filter shall reduce the particulates emissions by minimum 80%. Values are calculated on the basis of current European procedures
  • In case of a constant use, the filter shall ensure that the gas density does not exceed a heat transfer coefficient of 0, 2 m-1. The measure is taken on the filter on free acceleration test

The majority of particulate filters fulfils those requirements, used for many certifications in Europe. 

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