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Environmental zones in Denmark

Starting at November 1, 2011 all foreign buses and trucks will need the Danish Environment-Sticker called EcoSticker, if they want to pass through major Danish cities. Such environmental Zones are established in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

From now on all buses and trucks need the Environmental sticker called EcoSticker / Ecobadge

Vehicles of Euronorm 3 over 3,5 t than will be obliged not only to backfit an authorized Particle filter and fulfill at least the Euronorm 4 – but moreover the certified EcoSticker has to be shown easily visible at the windscreen. In case the vehicle does not conform with the new environmental rules there can be a fine of 20.000 DKK (2.700 Euro) for the driver and for the carrying company. Also the vehicle can become seized, until a potential fine has been paid. The new law will be executed in cooperation of the Danish police and the local authorities in the 4 cities with environmental zones.

The green sticker/badge of Euronorm 4

The Danish environmental sticker called EcoSticker can be recognized by its green color. It has to be applied individually for each vehicle. The sticker will display the Nationality and the license number of the vehicle. The sticker is not transferable and cannot be used for more than one vehicle. Each vehicle needs its own EcoSticker / Ecobadge.

How to order an EcoSticker

The Danish badge, called 'EcoSticker', can be purchased at Green-Zones in our online shop and will be shipped by mail service throughout Europe.

Note: A missing Danish badge EcoSticker costs at least 2,500 euro fine!

The red Sticker – an exceptional rule for a limited period of time

In special cases there will be the possibility to apply at the Danish environmental authority for an exception permit. Vehicles being not conform with Euronorm 4 can be exempted from the new rule for a limited period of time. If the application for exemption from Euronorm 4 is granted, the vehicle will carry a red sticker.  This red sticker shows that the vehicle is entitled for a limited time to drive within the new Danish environmental zones.

German environmental badges UMWELTPLAKETTE for German environmental zones

               Information here

Environmental-Badges / Exhaust-Sticker for environmental zones in Austria

About us

The group GEMB mbH has its registered office in Berlin/Germany and acts as the parent company of Green Zones, Emissionshä and Climate Company. All three areas of this information, consulting and trading group are concerned with climate and environmental issues.
The GEMB mbH is the Company for Emission Management and Consulting and is registered in the commercial register of the lower regional court of Berlin Charlottenburg, Germany, under the number HRB 101917.

Green Zones:
With its websites,,, and, Green Zones provides information on the topics of fine particles, emissions, the environment and the subsequent increasing traffic restrictions in European countries due to the establishment of environmental zones.
Given the fact that such information is provided neither in a central nor, in our opinion, in a sufficient way by public authorities in Europe and the respective countries, we inform hereto for free on our websites.
We cover our expenditures and staff expenses as well as the substantial costs related to the maintenance of up to 35 different foreign websites with the purchase of environmental badges for private persons and enterprises. These are at the moment the German Umweltplakette, the Austrian Umweltpickerl and the Danish Ecosticker (each domestic or foreign car needs these environmental badges for driving within the respective designated zones in these countries). Further national badges will follow in the next years.

Through the websites, www.handel-emisjami.pl and, Emissionshä is working in the areas of the compulsory emissions trading and the biomass market in Poland, Germany and Austria. Since December 2005, Emissionshä deals with CO2-certificates/emissions rights (purchase, sale and exchange) for companies at various energy stock exchanges in Europe as well as via bilateral trade.

Climate Company:
Climate Company, with its website, buys and compensates CO2-emission rights for private persons and companies that are not taking part to the compulsory emission trading system of the European Union.
Climate Company provides information about climate change, climate protection and CO2-free car driving (so-called CO2-compensation). Furthermore, Climate Company offers for private persons the purchase of climate gifts and climate neutrality. In this way, every individual can take an active part in the European trading system for emission rights or get involved in international projects for climate protection – in any case, do something for our climate and our future.

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