Questions about Ordering an EcoSticker for Denmark

Necessary Data to Order an EcoSticker
The following data are necessary to order an EcoSticker:
Surname, name, street, house number, postal code, town and country. Otherwise, the registration certificate of the vehicle will be needed, with an extra document proving that the vehicle responds to the standard EURO 4 if necessary. The email, the registration number, the first registration date and the type of the concerned vehicle will also be asked (car, Lorry, bus, light utility vehicle).
The registration certificate can be directly uploaded on the shop or can be sent per email of fax to Green-Zones (see the addresses on the contact page).

Vehicles for which the EcoSticker will not be Available
As you enter the first date of registration and the type of your vehicle, please pay attention to the fact that old vehicles generally don’t obtain any green EcoSticker.
If you order an EcoSticker anyway by entering falls or incorrect information, the EcoSticker will not be delivered and you will not be paid back.
For the following vehicles, depending on their first date of registration, the green EcoStiker will not be delivered:

  • No possible order for Lorries and busses first registered before 1.04.2008 which are not equipped with a particulate filter or don’t have any document proving they are responding to the standard EURO 4.
  • No possible order for Lorries and busses first registered before 1.10.2001.
Order here a Danish Environmental Badge Ecosticker for environmental zones in Denmark




Payment and Delivery
The payment of an order can be carried out by credit card, prepayment by bank transfer, or by invoice only for clients having an address in Germany. In case of a prepayment by bank transfer, the delivery of the EcoSticker will take more time.
If you order the EcoSticker from Monday to Friday before 1 p.m. CET, you will have to possibility to choose the “express” option for your order to be processed on the same day.
The invoice of your order will be sent to you with your EcoSticker directly by post.
The EcoSticker is delivered to the address of your choice within 5 to 14 days. In case of an “express” option, this could take 2 days less.

When you have received your EcoSticker by post, please stick it from the inside in the corner bottom left of your windscreen.