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Environmental sticker Denmark (EcoSticker)

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Color: green

Validity: no longer valid since 01.07.2020

Stock: no longer available since 01.07.2020

Delivery time: no longer deliverable since 01.07.2020

Further information

The EcoSticker was valid in the Danish low emission zones until 01 July 2020. From then on it was replaced by digital registration and automated number plate recognition via intelligent cameras. Unlike before the system change, the sticker was only issued for buses and trucks over 3.5 t. Vans under 3.5 t were exempt and could enter the low emission zones directly, just like cars still do today.

The Danish environmental sticker, unlike many other stickers, was not round but rectangular. It measured 50 x 90 mm and was green. On the eco sticker, the vehicle's registration number was entered, and the country in which the vehicle was currently registered.

In addition, the environmental sticker Denmark had a serial number in the form of a bar code. This was not only for easier identification, but also for control by the local authorities.

The fines were significantly higher than those for registration today: up to 2,700 euros could be charged. In addition, a prison sentence of up to 2 years could be imposed if intent was proven. This was especially true if no eco-stickers were purchased by intent and a financial profit was made for oneself or others.

Are there other stickers or registrations in Europe?

The following stickers and registrations are available for the low emission zones in Europe:

  • Green environmental sticker (Germany)
  • E-sticker (Germany)
  • Certificat qualité de l'Air (France)
  • Umwelt-Pickerl (Austria)
  • Registration Denmark
  • Distintivo-Ambiental (Spain)
  • Registration Barcelona (Spain)
  • Registration Brussels (Belgium)
  • Registration Antwerp + Ghent (Belgium)
  • Registration London (Great Britain)
  • Registration Prague 1 (Czech Republic)
  • Registration Prague 2 (Czech Republic)
  • Registration Rotterdam Maasvlakte (Netherlands)